Mums Rule!

Don't they?

Whatever age you are, she will be always the best to cook, take care of you and be there just when you need...... and even if it doesn't sound like your mum, all her sins are forgiven just because she gave you life! Besides, you won't believe how many mums there are out there apart from your own. It can be a mother of your child, your grandmother or just a great mum of one of your friends or relative.

It' s just such a pleasure to have a Mother's Day and celebrate it! Ripped Up Art has some special gifts for mums you love:


Greeting Cards

Our unique greeting cards are made from 100% recycled paper and seeds. After the card has been gifted the whole card can be planted in a garden or a pot. With just a bit of water and light and love grow into beautiful wildflowers. Our cards have a surprise second life! Check out our Mother's Day seed cards.

Cat Family Triptych

Want to give it a Family feeling? Our Cat Family triptych is just purrrrfect for that:

The Madam, The Fat Cat and The Kitten

The Madam, The Fat Cat and The Kitten