Make Your Christmas Shopping Different

Tired of same old Christmas socks and jumpers? Just to remind you - Christmas shopping can be different and fun! Our Origin Gallery store in Greenwich is full of delicious goodies and gift inspiration from British artists. 

1. Vases and bowls with natural edges and holes by John Shorrock

Incredible pieces of wood by John Shorrock: Woodturner. Read more stories about creating wood pieces and make sure you see John's works at our gallery. 

2. Arty Cats by Mario Lafirenze

Love art? Love cats? Brilliant pictures of cats in the style of famous modern artists (Dali, Van Gogh, Magritte and many more) starting from £17.00 per picture!

3. Bag as an art form by various artists

Celebrating the bag as an art form these British designer-made cotton totes are a perfect way to "wrap" your gift or do your everyday shopping.

4Botanical art to your everyday items by Gillian Arnold

Every item within the ceramic collection is specially designed to make each day enjoyable by bringing a bit of nature indoors. Including stacking mug sets and coasters, tea time will never be dull again.

5. Original Art from local artists

3D artworks from wool, textile, photography and many more ...